How It Works

The tool asks for basic information about you (and your spouse, if appropriate), your retirement savings and the number of years you expect to be in retirement. Then it projects how much of your savings you can spend each year with 90% confidence that you will not outlive your savings. Projected amounts are inflation adjusted.

You may then use the What If... page to see the sensitivity of the amount you can spend to different factors, such as your investment strategy and the number of years you are planning for your retirement savings to last.

The Special Circumstances page allows you to further refine your results.  The Putting It Together page is where you can build a spending budget, and compare how that stacks up with your different sources of retirement income.

You may also visit the Advanced section of the Retirement Savings Spending Calculator to adjust inflation and confidence assumptions, to customize your asset mix, and to analyze your results in more depth.

Tool Tips:
Dollar amounts: Enter dollar amounts without commas or dollar signs ($). You can use two decimal places. For example, you could enter 1000 or 1000.00 for a one-thousand dollar amount.

Blue text links to a different page within the tool, or to a page where you can send an email.

Green text brings up a pop-up box with additional information when you move the cursor over the text. When you move your cursor away, the box disappears.

For Help:
If you have questions about taking the next step toward a secure retirement, please contact our financial education specialists at (888)-735-7114, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 8:00PM ET (excluding holidays).

If you have questions about using the tool or technical issues, contact Milliman at